Taking Ideas from Concept to Reality


T&M Associates helps companies build and optimize their iktva, ICV and other value addition programs. We offer a variety of options in assisting with your value addition needs.


T&M Associates offers workshops and consulting services on developing sustainable and  effective 5-year plans to maximize iktva and ICV without breaking the bank. T&M Associates consulting support is customized to fit your needs, from optimizing your plan to developing your in-house expertise to creating your value addition offering.

Optimizing your Plan


Building your Plan


T&M Associates offers a variety of training options, from 3 Day group workshops to Management awareness seminars.

To learn more about our group workshops, please visit www.tmlaunchtraining.com.

For customized courses, please contact us at info@tmlaunch.com.



T&M Associates and iktva

Starting in 2013, T&M Associates’ team members led the local content/value add program – In Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva)….

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iktva in Review: Localizing Commercial Ecosystems

Since 2015, the iktva program identified not only supply chain gaps, but also significant potential business opportunities. Since 2015, iktva…

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iktva in 2022

Summary of Achievements from Saudi Aramco’s 6th iktva Forum held January 24 to 26, 2022. Saudi Aramco held their 6th…

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