Taking Ideas from Concept to Reality

IKTVA & ICV Consulting

Option 1: Optimizing your Plan

T&M Associates provides targeted support for your company’s IKTVA/ICV team. Option 1 is designed for companies or groups who already have their scores or are currently working on their 5-year plan. T&M Associates will provide a senior consultant who will:

  • Review your company’s current certification and identify opportunities to increase your iktva/ICV score
  • Provide background support in the creation of your IKTVA 5-year plan or ICV improvement plans
  • Support your team to develop a plan through a series of workshops
  • Review final documents before submission to ensure that they meet Aramaco’s, ADNOC’s, or your client’s requirements
  • Provide ongoing support to respond to questions from your clients

Option 2: Train-the-Trainer

T&M Associates provides training and capacity development to build your company’s in-house capabilities. T&M Associates will train your team to optimize your IKTVA/ICV score, as well as to create your 5-year IKTVA and ICV plans.

Option 3: Building your Plan

T&M Associates will lead the creation of your 5-year plans and/or ADNOC’s Improvement plan.  Option 3 requires input from your company, but T&M Associates will do the majority of the work. This is the ideal option for companies short on time or that do not have the resources or time to devote to IKTVA/ICV.