Taking Ideas from Concept to Reality

Creating Value in Country

T&M Associates designs and executes successful and sustainable in-country value addition programs that promote and engage the higher risk/higher value industries to create maximum value. The program sets effective targets that realize a positive return on investment, attract investment  and avoid negatively impacting local industries, reducing the attractiveness of investments, or dis-incentivizing innovation or competitiveness. A successful in-country value addition program will achieve:


Grow workforce opportunities

  • Create jobs
  • Training and capacity building of workforce


Diversify in-country industries

  • Promote and engage the higher risk/higher value industries
  • Leverage capacity of the private sector to develop new industries and services


Develop and maximize competitiveness of enterprises

  • Develop suppliers that are capable of winning tenders in-country, regionally and globally
  • Promote goods and services
  • Create business ecosystems that foster Small and Medium Enterprises


Increase investment

  • Foreign
  • Reinvestment by in-country suppliers


Realize a positive return on investment in terms of:

  • Economic diversification
  • Increased employment
  • New in-country investment
  • Increased exports

T&M Associates’ In-Country Value Add program

drives growth and innovation through strategy and encouragement, provides an enabling environment,

and provides the tools and knowledge to make local industry competitive.

In-country value addition may include local content, national content and supply chain excellence programs