T&M Associates partnered with Azerms LLC

In January 2010, T&M Associates partnered with Azerms LLC, a local Azerbaijani company, to successfully win the tender to manage BP’s Enterprise Development and Training Program (EDTP). T&M Associates embedded senior consultants in the local partner to provide the industrial and management experience and the interface to BP’s management.   The Enterprise Development and Training Program is a core part of BP’s long-term effort to support economic development of the local market in Azerbaijan (a local content program). The goal of EDTP is to help BP identify local companies with strong business potential and to support these companies in meeting international standards and enhancing their competitiveness. The longer term goal for EDTP is to increase the number of available local companies with which the industry in the region can call upon to supply of products and services– thereby contributing to the development of the local and regional economies. In April 2010, T&M Associates Baku opened its doors as an Azerbaijani business.  Read More


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