Taking Ideas from Concept to Reality

Enhances potential for success

stairs-iconSupercharge Your Opportunities for Success

Think of T&M Associates as a high-powered, temporary addition to your in-house resources. We provide proven processes and the right tools to efficiently and successfully expand your markets or enter new markets. Here’s how we can help you become more successful:

  • Provide proven new product/service introduction processes
  • Plan and facilitate your strategy sessions for marketing, business development, and patent estates
  • Evaluate new market segments, including needs analysis and competitor analysis
  • Position your product/service for each new market segment
  • Create targeted sales and marketing materials
  • Create an integrated, coordinated image for the marketplace

Develop the right sales and/or distribution channels for your product/service, based on our vast experience working with independent sales reps, distributors, retailers, internet sales and in-house sales.