Meet the Buyer in Azerbaijan

In 2011, T&M Associates Baku designed the first “Meet the Buyer” event and together with Azerms hosted the event on behalf of BP’s Enterprise Development and Training Program (EDTP) . The purpose of “Meet the Buyer” was to bring together local companies and their potential customers.  Over 100 local companies presented their business services, ranging from operations support, engineering, construction, and logistics to waste management and other sectors.  Local companies also had the opportunity to informally network with potential customers and learn what is required to participate in their supply chains. More than 150 international companies and organizations participated.

Companies reported that they signed 52 new contracts and made over 300 business linkages with potential suppliers and partners as a result of the event. “Meet the Buyer” was considered so successful that it became an annual event.

For the article in Impact Azerbaijan, Official Publication Of American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan, Issue 14: Read More

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