ICV in Namibia: Creating the Vibrant Economy of the Future

The recently discovered oil and gas opportunities are a game changer for the Namibian economy. With at least 6 billion barrels of recoverable oil, Namibia is poised to become a major producer of oil and gas in the next few years and could become one of the largest producers in Africa at a million barrels per day.  The projected US $5.6 billion in annual revenue for the country is an opportunity to scale up and meet the demand for meaningful employment, manufacturing, and services.

T&M Associates’ ICV framework is a highly effective, proven, and successful alternative that creates the environment that drives local content.  Now is the perfect time for Namibia’s oil and gas industry to develop its local content strategy, framework, and policies in a way that drives future success.

For more information: TM Associates ICV for Namiba May 2023

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