ESG and Localization

Investors, regulatory agencies, and companies are focusing on  ESG in order to manage and measure sustainable long term business performance and investment potential.  Companies that can demonstrate Environmental Social Governance (ESG) performance are showing increased revenues, higher returns, and greater investment attraction.  Delivering on ESG is good for business.

The S in ESG is the social impact criteria and consists of practices that benefit the employees, consumers, suppliers, and the community.  In his article in, Shaun Doherty provides an excellent explanation on how localization programs are an effective and sustainable ESG strategy. Well designed localization programs encourage companies to invest in their employees, suppliers and communities in a way that is sustainable, good for the company’s business and deliver cost savings and a return on investment.

T&M Associates designs and helps clients implement highly successful localization programs that deliver on ESG performance.  Working together with our clients, our programs have delivered benefits to all stakeholders, from governments, to the sponsoring companies, to the local workforce and local companies (including small and medium enterprises).  These localization programs resulted in significant growth of local enterprises, as well as significant increases in meaningful local employment and workforce development.  And by delivering a positive return on investment for the sponsoring entity, the programs insured their sustainability and continued growth for many years.

For the article on ESG and Localization, please click on this link:  ISM Insights_ ESG and Localization

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