Developing the Economy in Ukraine and Azerbaijan

In 2010 and 2011, T&M Associates worked with local companies in Ukraine and Azerbaijan to increase their participation in the supply chains of multinational companies.  This effort was an integral part of T&M Associates’ in-country economic development programs. T&M Associates’ experts designed and taught courses and consulted on best business practices.  As part of this effort, Paul Dismer designed and taught courses on Sales and Marketing, as well as how to effectively respond to RFP’s issued by multinational companies. Mr. Dismer also provided in-depth consulting on Quality and Traceability for the metal industry.  Dr. Maria Beug-Deeb provided consulting on best business practices and market development.  Dr. Beug-Deeb also designed and taught courses on Quality Programs and Food Safety. Dr. David Ladner designed and taught courses on Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) and on Intellectual Property. The courses were implemented as train-the-trainer programs and were translated into local languages.

The outcome of this training and follow-on supplier support was a marked increase in local companies wining significant business with multi-national companies.  By 2012, Azeri companies doubled their contract values with BP and Azeri small and medium enterprises (SMEs) realized more than a 200% increase in contracts.

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