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Virdivis: Bio-inspired Cleaning Technology

Virdivis is now in commercial production!

For more information on our new  bio-inspired clean-in-place product line Virdivis:  https://virdivis.com/

Virdivis graduated from the prestigious BAJ Accelerator Start-up Program. BAJ Accelerator is renowned for “accelerating the acceleration of technology” by providing high-touch relationships and an extensive network for funding and growth, business and legal support, marketing techniques, and academic partnerships. We are excited about the opportunities this program will bring and look forward to an exciting journey ahead.  For more information on the BAJ Accelerator:  https://www.bajaccelerator.com/


From Tech to Capitol Hill

Graduates of Georgia Tech’s George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering thrive across an array of industries and roles, so it’s no surprise that one alumna, Elisabeth Deeb, ME 2013, M.S. MT 2015, found herself spending the past year busy with purpose in the heart of Washington D.C. as an ASME Congressional Fellow in Advanced Manufacturing.

Sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in conjunction with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the Congressional Fellowship program is extremely selective; it’s more than just an opportunity for professional development, as fellows like Deeb spend 12 months in Washington providing technical expertise to lawmakers and taking an active role in shaping future policy.

For the full article on Georgia Tech’s website:  https://www.me.gatech.edu/news/tech-capitol-hill-alumnas-impactful-journey-engineering-and-policy


T&M Associates will be at ADIPEC 2023

Dr. Tom Deeb will be at ADIPEC 2023 from October 2 to 5, 2023,  in Abu Dhabi UAE.


For more information on ADIPEC 2023:  https://www.adipec.com/


US Food Faces PFAS Challenge as European Rules, Policies Expand

EU PFAS regulations will impact the exports of agricultural products. Dr. Tom Deeb was interviewed by Bloomberg Law:




Congratulations 50th Class of AAAS Science &Technology Policy Fellows

Congratulations to 50th Class of AAAS Science &Technology Policy Fellows assigned to Capitol Hill and placed in agencies and offices.  Elisabeth Deeb is one of 31 legislative Fellows placed on Capitol Hill. For 50 years, Fellows have helped mold the policies that have ushered in a new era of technological progress, from advancements in clean energy and standards development to policies focused on strengthening manufacturing capabilities and supply chains.

For more information, please see:  https://www.aaas.org/news/50th-class-aaas-st-policy-fellows-embarks-upon-year-service?mkt_tok=NjQ5LUlPUS04MzAAAAGHLtm_v-RpgbwtoS3ipoVzpDhdJ2t7DyupVzs9WjxcC7fcLeJ-9UP0Tz4RLi5yqoZO0RUABv82OptulHJqbMYsH-FULL3JAKLnLb7S_ab0

Patent Issued on Disinfecting Biofilms

T&M Associates’ US Patent 11058112 on “Methods and compositions for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces” issued. This is one of the few inventions that delivers a 5-log kill for a range of bacteria in biofilms. The technology has a broad range of applications in healthcare, agriculture, and food processing.

Related patents:  EP 2968099, CA2942000, WO 2014/152189, AU 2018229488

Patent Issued on Method for The Removal and Control Of Arthropods

T&M Associates’ US Patent 10015969B2 on “Method for The Removal and Control Of Arthropods” issued.  The technology demonstrated 100% effectiveness in bed bug and control. The methodology was tested in tenement rental units in San Francisco. The property owners had previously tried several methods and technologies, all of which failed to control the bed bugs.

Related patents:  CA2884601, EP2894974, WO/2014/043428, AU2013315378, NZ705814

Opportunities in Oil & Gas in the Middle East

Danish Export Association Member Conference

In September 2019, Elisabeth Deeb, T&M Associates, was invited to present “Opportunities in Oil & Gas in the Middle East” at the Danish Export Association Member Conference in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Dr. Tom Deeb in Keynote Speaker at ADIPEC Kick-Off Breakfast

On November 12, 2018, Dr. Tom Deeb was the Keynote Speaker at AmCham Abu Dhabi’s ADIPEC Kick-Off Breakfast. 

Dr. Deeb spoke on Unconventional Oil and Gas in the GCC.  Elisabeth Deeb also attended the Kick-Off Breakfast.

The Next Wave: The Next 50 – Evolution of the Industry

OTC Next Wave 2018 Committee

2018 Committee (12 of 16 members from across the world and industry sections, 13 companies and 5 of the OTC sponsoring organizations)

OTC 2018 marked the 10th and final Next Wave program, a young professional networking and career development event.  This year’s program focused on the changes in the O&G industry over the last 50 years, the technology improvements and disrupters that will come in the future, and how to manage your career as a young professional.   Round table discussions included cyber security, improving products by working with software vendors, and work-life balance.

Next Wave 2018 presented 2 exciting key note speakers. Emeka Emembolu, Vice President Reservoir Development, Gulf of Mexico at BP, spoke about his career journey from his start in the UK to his postings in Alaska, and his current position in Houston.  He highlighted the impact these postings had on both his career and his personal life. His career advice was to do good work and the promotions will come.

Åshlid Larsen, CIO and Senior Vice President IT for Statoil (now Equinor), spoke about technological changes in the energy industries; how O&G companies are expanding into alternative energies such as solar and wind, and on what to expect, both career-wise and technology-wise, in the next 50 years of O&G.

Elisabeth Deeb, T&M Associates Business Development Manager, attended OTC 2018 and has been active on the Communication Outreach Subcommittee of Next Wave 2018.