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iktva: Creating Your 5-Year Plan Workshop

Has your company encountered iktva as part of your RFPs?

Are you looking for guidance in understanding iktva?

Do you need assistance in preparing your 5-year plan?


T&M Associates offers the short course iktva: Creating Your 5-Year Plan to help you gain invaluable training in just a few days. This course teaches you a systematic step-by-step approach to iktva certification and 5-year plans and answers the following questions:

  • Where to begin, who must be involved, and what information is needed?
  • How to synthesize all of the data and information into a successful iktva certification and 5-year plan.
  • How to leverage your company’s iktva program as a differentiator that helps your company gain market share and new revenues.
  • What steps your company needs to take in order to effectively comply.
  • How to develop the iktva plan in a way that balances cost and iktva.


This course will teach the best approach to iktva so that your company receives maximum credit for all added value to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The course is taught in a small-group setting to facilitate attendee discussions, Q&A with the instructor, as well as attendee networking. The instructors include former Saudi Aramco, iktva core team members.

This program was designed for finance, human resources, procurement, and iktva professionals.


For more information and course availability, please visit our training website:

T&M Associates also offers:

    • customized iktva training programs
    • iktva for Management seminars

For these and additional training sessions, please contact E. Deeb at

2017 Annual GetEnergy Global Conference in London May 7 to 9, 2017

The T&M Associates’ booth at the 2017 Annual GetEnergy Global Conference in London May 7 to 9, 2017 showcased our offering:

  • T&M Associates designs and executes successful and sustainable in-country value addition (ICV) programs for governments and IOCs.  We maximize economic development through localization, while delivering substantial cost savings and a return on investment.
  • For more than a decade we have designed and executed workforce development programs, including SME development.
  • If your company is bidding on work in Saudi Arabia, you may be asked to provide your iktva 5-year plan.  We provide iktva training and consulting.

Dr. Maria Beug Deeb, President and CEO, as she participated as a guest panelist for   “Maximizing the contribution of local companies in the project supply chain”.

T&M Associates at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston

Our Business Development Manager, Elisabeth Deeb, spoke to customers at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, on May 1 to 3, 2017:

  • If your company is bidding on work in Saudi Arabia, you may be asked to provide your iktva plan.  We provide iktva training and consulting.
  • We design and execute successful and sustainable in-country value addition (ICVA) programs for governments and IOCs.  We maximize economic development through localization, while delivering substantial cost savings and a return on investment.
  • Workforce and supplier, including SME, development programs

If you would like to set up a meeting please contact us at or call us at 770-754-0536

For more info on the Offshore Technology Conference:

Saudi Aramco Reaffirms its Commitment to its Flagship Localization Initiative IKTVA

Saudi Aramco Press Release:

H.E. Khalid Al Falih, Minister of Energy, Industry, and Mineral Resources and Chairman of Saudi Aramco, said in a keynote speech: “iktva represents a pioneering and model program, among other major programs which the Saudi Arabian government is working on to expand and diversify the economy, localize strategic industrial and economic sectors, and create jobs, in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030.”  By the end of 2016, iktva has been included in over SR60 billion worth of contracts and the iktva third party certification baseline for the top 100 suppliers will have been completed. 

The full press release can be read here:

IKTVA – Opportunity Awaits Video:

Competitiveness of Moldovan High Value Agriculture

T&M Associates partnered with Development Alternatives, Inc. on the Agricultural Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (ACED) to improve the competitiveness of Moldovan high value agriculture (HVA) by addressing binding constraints in targeted fruit and vegetable value chains at the marketing, production and policy levels. Complementing Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) investments in irrigation system rehabilitation, ACED provides the critical market development and technical assistance support needed by beneficiaries as they transition to irrigated HVA production. T&M Associates led a million dollar development program to upgrade the state phytosanitary service (SPS) to compliance with international norms which allowed the exports of HVA to EU and Russian Federation.

The Kazakhstan Health Sector Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform Project

T&M Associates led the 2 year project “The Kazakhstan Health Sector Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform Project” on increasing public and private sector capacity in food processing and HACCP for The World Bank. With sustainability at the center of the program, several in-country professionals were developed to provide training and consulting post-project. More than 15 seminars for industry and government were held; detailed instruction manuals and books were developed and distributed; and 7 manufacturers were upgraded to meet international HACCP standards. This project was led by A. Vasylenko supported by T&M Associates staff including: G. Leasenco (EU Food Safety Expert, Moldova), V. Barotova (EU Food Safety Expert, Estonia), and O. Dorofieieva (Food Processing expert, Ukraine).

Saudi Aramco announced its In Kingdom Total Value Addition

Saudi Aramco announced its In Kingdom Total Value Addition (iktva) program on December 1, 2015. This program is designed to establish the economic foot print and contribution that suppliers make to the Kingdom that will be used to double the local content to 70% by 2021 on an annual spend of $33 billion US. The program has targeted creation of 500,000 new Saudi jobs and increase exports by 30%.

T&M Associates team members provided extensive support in the design, development, and execution of the program.

More information on iktva can be found at this link.


ACS President Diane Grob Schmidt Meets with Industry Leaders

The Chemical Business Group of the Georgia Section/American Chemical Society hosted 2015 ACS President Diane Grob Schmidt to meet with industry leaders in the greater Atlanta area.

Read More

The Chemical Businesses (CHB) Group was started as a self-sustaining committee of the Georgia Section by Dr. Maria Beug-Deeb and Deanna Hall.  The CHB Group provides a forum for the more than 300 chemical businesses within the Georgia Section and fosters business development through networking. More information can be found at this link.

Comparison Between European Union Food Safety Regulations and Systems and the Customs Union

As part of a World Bank supported program, T&M Associates completed a detailed comparison between European Union food safety regulations and systems and the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan for IFC Ukraine in 2015. This was a first of its kind comprehensive report. It was  designed to help regulators and industry understand how to comply with both trading blocks. This program was led by A. Vasylenko with contributions from several T&M Associates staff including Dr. Sale (EU expert laboratories), G. Miskarova (EU international quality expert), Dr. Tleubekova (Customs Union Regulatory Expert, Kazakhstan), and O. Dorofieieva (Food Processing expert, Ukraine). The final reports were published in English and Russian for use broadly throughout the EU and Former Soviet Union.   Read More

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