OTC 2018 Technology Spotlight – XMReality

Showcasing XMReality's Software

Photo From XMReality Website


XMReality was founded in 2007 by researchers from the Swedish Defense Research Agency to develop technology to remotely assist bomb disposal experts.  From this background came their new solution for industry use: XMReality Remote Guidance.

This software allows a user to project into another user’s environment in real time using Augmented Reality (AR). AR is the result of using technology such as cell phones, to superimpose information – sounds, text, images- in real time onto the world. It is different from Virtual Reality (VR) in that VR is a computer-generated environment you interact with and are immersed in whereas AR adds to the reality you would normally see.

XMReality’s software allows someone to remotely demonstrate to other users how to do a job.  This solution could be used in many areas, including training and maintenance.

For more information and demos, please visit: https://xmreality.com/

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